Vocation and profession

Author: Beate Zipperer
Translator: Anne Zipperer 

Everyday life in Mennonite families is not much different from that in any other family. You live and work together as many families all over the world would. But praying together has a special place in Mennonite families. We read the Bible and pray together to start the day or end it and to remind ourselves that we are dependent on God’s mercy. Many Mennonites in South Germany today still work in agriculture.



This is because in the 19th century king Maximilian IV Joseph did everything he could to bring Mennonites to cultivate unused areas in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and in the Palatinate. Since then the farms have been passed down from generation to generation or to other church members. Life on the farm is controlled by the seasons. To serve both God and creation is the main aim in the Mennonite agricultural tradition. A big manufacturing company for agricultural machines and vehicles in southern Germany has its roots in this tradition.


Other professions and awareness of Mission

Today many Mennonites have a job in the social or medical sector. Nursing and other health care professions are also common among members of the congregation. They strongly believe in the practice of the biblical assignment to ‘help, care for and love one another’. Today no one can deny that the choice of a profession isn't solely based on the Mennonite tradition. But Mennonites from our community obey the mission to carry Jesus' love further in all professions.